Lesson 7: Data Sheet and Planning the Field Study


Is it okay to put microbeads of plastic into personal care items (shampoo, body soap, face scrubs, toothpaste, etc.)?

In 2015 the Canadian government decided that microbeads be banned by 2018. Is this an adequate timeline? 


Class Activities:

Discussion: How do abiotic factors influence the biotic factors?

Prepare the data sheet to use for the field study

Discuss the Scientific method and Accuracy and precision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cl5CeiT7hU

Safety First: Before proceeding, carefully follow your teacher's instructions for this activity. 

Pack up the data collection equipment

Practice handling the scientific equipment


Wrap Up:

Snails in Banff:

The only place on Earth where the Banff Springs Snail is found is in the natural hot pools of Banff National Park. These snails are on the Canadian Endangered Species list.

A large concern is when tourists want to “get off of the beaten path” and sneak into hot pools to enjoy. Unfortunately, there is a high risk of stepping on these tiny endangered creatures and the residue from products such as hand cream, conditioner, sunscreen, and perfume can wash off in the water and kill the snails. In 2015, a tourist was fined $4,500 for entering a hot pool where the snails live.



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