A Brief History of SEEDS Connections, SEEDS Foundation and Connections Education Society

“Providing educational programs related to leadership, environment, energy and diversity, for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students across Canada.”

Summarized Chronology

The SEEDS Foundation merged with the Connections Education Society on January 1, 2014, to become SEEDS Connections, led by Executive Director, Corinne Craig.
The GREEN Schools™ Program is trademarked and plans for a new registration system and website are launched. A Volunteer Engagement Program is established.

All eight of the Habitat in the Balance modules are online at www.seedshabitat.ca

New Executive Director, Diane Field, joins SEEDS.  We create new collaborative partnerships with other non-profits, significantly, the Connections Education Society to offer the CONNECTIONS Program

Margo Helper retires from the Executive Director position after more than seven years at the SEEDS Foundation.

A new program, Habitat in the Balance, funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation, goes online at www.seedshabitat.ca

GREEN Schools grows with the B.C. government's support and translation of some materials into French. 

The SEEDS Foundation is 30 years young and celebrates its successes at a birthday bash. The Energy Literacy Series is completed with all 11 modules available at www.seedsenergy.ca.

SEEDS creates new challenges to celebrate the Alberta and Saskatchewan Centennials.

The first seven modules of the Energy Literacy Series are completed and available on the internet (Wind, Biomass, Nuclear, Coal, Petroleum, and Wave and Tidal).

After several teacher focus groups, SEEDS decided to update and reintroduce the Energy Literacy Series. This program will use leading edge technology teaching aids. Targeted at secondary school students this web-based educational program includes interactive virtual tours and animations that demonstrate important scientific concepts.

SEEDS received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Education from the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002 as a part of the Spirit of the Land - Salt Lake 2002 Environmental Program.

SEEDS completes the development (started in 1998) of a climate change multimedia program ‘Creating a Climate of Change’ and distributes this program to over 2,000 schools across Canada. Also, the GREEN Schools and Challenge Programs continued to grow. These programs are redesigned and given a ‘new’ look.

A new head office was opened in Calgary and the Challenge Programs are expanded to incorporate a second method of involvement with monetary rewards for participating schools.

Two new Challenge Programs were developed to support schools enrolled in the Green Schools program. These programs were the HEAT Challenge (Home Energy Action Tally) and the 4R’s Challenge (Reducing, Reusing, Rethinking and Recycling).

SEEDS received the first-ever Alberta Emerald Award from the Alberta Foundation for Environmental Excellence for its Learners in Action (GREEN Schools) Program.

The Learners in Action (Green School) Program was established to help meet the needs expressed in the SEEDS mandate. This program awards recognition to students and schools that have completed environmental and related conservation and other projects. In 1993 this program was expanded to include higher levels of accomplishment beyond Green Status (100 projects). Supplementary material is created up to Earth Status (1000 projects level).

SEEDS initiated its first Challenge Program as a support focus for the Green Schools Program. It was called the Bird Identification and Tally and was implemented in the month of May. This Challenge was very well received and is still ongoing.

The SEEDS Foundation established a new mandate. “SEEDS will work towards the development of a society that understands and is committed to actions leading to the wise stewardship of resources, resource utilization and the environment.”

SEEDS receives the first ever Alberta Environment Award for its Energy Literacy Series program.

SEEDS won the Western Association of Summer Sessions Administrators Exemplary Program Award.

The original goal of the SEEDS Foundation was met, when the hard work of 12 teacher-writing teams produced the Energy Literacy Series. The goal was to develop an energy literacy program for use in schools across Canada. At this time, Shell Canada sponsored a summer institute for teachers across Canada to meet in Calgary to learn about all aspects of energy. These institutes were held for the next nine years. The Energy Literacy Series was printed until 1994.

The SEEDS Foundation was established in Edmonton, Alberta by members of the oil and gas industry who recognized a need for curriculum materials for students on “energy” issues, discussed within the context of societal, economic, and environmental concerns. The unique design of the Board of Directors allows it to offer truly bias-balanced energy and environmental education programming. It is made up of representatives from the energy industry, academics, and environmental areas.

Funders and Sponsors

  • RBC Foundation
  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Kamp Kiwanis
  • Cenovus Energy
  • Alliance Pipeline
  • TD Friends of the Enivornment Foundation
  • Rife Resources Ltd