Teach About Water

Teach About Water

Welcome to Wading in for Water, a youth leadership module developed by SEEDS Connections™ with the support of ConocoPhillips Canada. 


The primary focus of this module is to provide you with an instructional guide that has direct curricular connections to all of the learning outcomes identified in Science 14, Unit D, Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment (Alberta Education, 2014, https://education.alberta.ca/media/3069383/pos_science_14_24.pdf ). 


The secondary focus is to offer opportunities for students to complete the requirements of Environmental Stewardship (ENS 3910 Project D). 


This guide is designed as an instructional support resource that includes individual lesson plans, recommended resources, and suggestions for student assessment.  Completing this module will address all of the student learning outcomes prescribed in the Science 14 Program of Studies for Unit D.  You will find that the lessons support the development of scientific literacy through student-driven inquiry, field investigations, and class contributions to a larger database of information regarding local and provincial water quality.  In order for students to receive credits for ENS 3910, they must have other Career and Technology Studies (CTS) credits.  More information can be found on the Alberta Education website for ENS: (http://www.learnalberta.ca/ProgramOfStudy.aspx?lang=en&ProgramId=948119# ).  


Wading in for Water © has been developed by SEEDS Connections™ with the support of:

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