Habitat In The Balance

FEEDBACK PLEASE: Are you using Habitat in the Balance in your classroom? We have now rebuilt and revised the Habitat in the Balance modules, based on user feedback, and these can be found below. These will now work on all technology platforms. Please let us know what you think about what needs to be improved, what needs to be edited, and what needs to be enhanced!

An online decision-making program, for Grades 7 to 12, in which the student examines issues from one of three main topic areas: water, inhabitants, and land.


'Who will Provide the Water?' - This issue explores making a choice among different water sources for the water needs of a commercial development that includes a shopping mall, entertainment centre, hotels, and an equine centre and horse racing facility.

'To Decide Funding for a Contaminant Issue' - The contaminants water module explores using limited funds to deal with chemical contaminants such as excess or unwanted nutrients that impact a river.

'What to do with Used Pontoons' - This module explores the choices of dealing with pontoons supporting a floating bridge. The community must decide on whether the pontoons should be sunk in the lake, reused, or recycled.


'How will People and Wildlife Cross?' - This module deals with a road that is crossed by wildlife in an ecologically important area. The user must choose an action that protects wildlife while allowing for safe use by people.

'Natural Gas Development Impact on Arctic Life' - This module explores the choices of whether to develop the natural gas and if so, how to transport it to Alberta. The issue takes into account the possible impact on plants and animals and their habitats as well as people in the North.

'What Transportation System is Acceptable?' - This module examines several transportation alternatives that will connect coastal communities. The user must decide on the transport system that will meet his/her needs and those of the community.


'What to do About Spoiled Soil' - This module deals with how land has been impacted by the extraction and processing of a mineral resource. The user examines the different choices of reclaiming the land and the affected soil.

'Unusual New Neighbours, Use by Wildlife or People' - This module explores a region that is inhabited by bears and people. The user must choose between regulating land use that favours recreational use by people or conservation of wildlife.


Habitat in the Balance was created and is available through the legacy support of Imperial Oil.       

Funders and Sponsors

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