Lesson 11: Field Study Data Upload and Discussion of Results


Water Supply in Okotoks: The City of Okotoks is using more water from the Sheep River then is available. They are negotiating with the City of Calgary to access treated water from the Bow River and then move it via a pipeline to Okotoks. Recently the Okotoks approved expanding the population by building more houses. 

  • Is this a wise idea when there are already concerns about access to water? 
  • What would you recommend if people are interested in moving outside of Calgary to smaller communities?


Class Activities:

Data entry

Compare data with another class from someplace else in Alberta

Presentation of findings

Word Jumble activity

What is the relationship between land use practices and altering ecosystems?

Site C Dam, Mock Town Hall Meeting:



Wrap Up:

The Alberta Government has decided to protect an area known as the Castle Wilderness, and set it aside as a Wildland and Provincial Park. In doing this, recreational users who enjoy camping, off-roading, snowmobiling, picnicking, hunting, fishing and hiking have found themselves on all sides of the debate, and at odds with the government and environmentalists. If this area becomes a park, motorized vehicles such as quads, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes would be banned, along with those who roadside camp and are used to not needing to pay/book/ buy a permit, or reserve a site. It has been argued, that garbage and debris is left, and continued use without designated paths and trails causes great harm to the ground and the water.



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