Waste Reduction

School Wide Composting

As a result of a school wide waste audit a 3 bin composter was built on our school grounds. The entire school population now participates in composting and collection bins are in all classrooms and common areas. Twice weekly members of the Green Team brings the compost to the outdoor bins.

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Juniper Elementary

Let's save our planet

Students in École Gravelbourg School are now recycling. It’s a project they cherish, since it’s helping our planet to be cleaner and safer for all living beings. A group of students decided to push it a little farther and also created the We Act Green club.

Project number: 
École Gravelbourg School


Students in Grade 5 care for red wiggler worms, composting food waste from their snacks and lunches, and using shredded newspaper and Scholastic book order forms to help balance the compost. Students harvest the compost to use in their indoor classroom garden.

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River Valley School

Adirondack deck chair

Using a total of 25 hockey sticks, 2 goalie sticks and 1 large board of 1/2 inch plywood Michael Di Lullo, a grade 12 student from Archbishop O'Leary High School, built this amazing Adirondack deck chair. Mr.

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Archbishop O'Leary High School
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Archbishop O'Leary High School

Funders and Sponsors

  • RBC Foundation
  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Kamp Kiwanis
  • Cenovus Energy
  • Alliance Pipeline
  • TD Friends of the Enivornment Foundation
  • Rife Resources Ltd