Habitat in the Balance

Introduction and Instructions for Habitat in the Balance for the CONNECTIONS Program

Learn more about the Habitat in the Balance activity through the following Prezi.
In order to ensure that you properly enter and engage the "Habitat in the Balance" website, please follow the instructions provided on this page:

1. You must first Register for Habitat in the Balance in order to save your notes. Once you register, you will be sent an email to set your password. We suggest that you use your D2L username and password. 

2. You will then be able to login and return to this instructions page to access the "Natural Gas Development Impact on Arctic Life" module. Don't forget to fill in your name, email and your CONNECTIONS teacher's email. Click "Save draft" at any time, so that you can login and come back to your work at another time. You may Logout in the upper right hand corner.
3. Now click on this "Habitat in the Balance" link to begin the "Natural Gas Development Impact on Arctic Life" module. It opens in a new tab, which allows you to go between the Habitat page and this instructions page.
4. Click on the "Next Page" button at the bottom to learn more about the Issue.
5. Click on each of the "Rationale",  "Situation", "Choices", and "Point of View" radio buttons to learn more. At the bottom, you must click on "Rationale, Situation, Option and Point of View Notes" to enter your notes and to select your teacher assigned "Point of View"' (Stakeholder position).
6. Click on "Next Page" to explore the Background, clicking on "Resource"and "Options" radio buttons to learn more. Remember to take notes.
7. Click on "Next Page" to explore the Perspectives, clicking on each of these to learn more. And take more notes on each.
8. Click on "Next Page" to add additional notes and to select what you feel is the best choice of Action, based on your Stakeholder "Point of View". 
9. You may now go to the next pages, learning about the Consequence of the Action chosen and then Preview and Submit your notes.
10. Remember that you can go back at any time into each of the sections on the Habitat site and add/change your notes as you understand this issue better.  
Why this assignment is important:
From the Habitat site, you are learning information on the impact of natural gas development so that you develop knowledge and understanding of the issue from your stakeholder's position. It is important that you make extensive notes because you will using these when you get to the onsite (the boxes where you type will expand to give you as much space as you require for your notes). You will bring these printed notes to the onsite and these will be the basis of half of your course mark for ENS 1010.
When you are at the CONNECTIONS Onsite, you will be sharing your understanding so that the students in other stakeholder groups will know what you value and you will understand what each of them feel is important from their stakeholder's point of view. This will be an important learning experience that will help you to become a better listener, more thoughtful, empathic and more aware of the complexity of decision-making.

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