Question 1: CONNECTIONS is a program I think my son would be interested in. How do I arrange for my child to participate?

Answer: Students involved in CONNECTIONS are selected by a teacher who works with those students before, during, and after their on-site experience. Teachers are asked to choose students they believe are most interested, and most likely to complete all components of the program.

Question 2: My daughter has been selected by her teacher to participate in the CONNECTIONS program but some of her teachers are discouraging her from attending because she is in Grade 12 and writing diploma exams at the end of this semester.

Answer: CONNECTIONS wants students to be involved in every aspect of the program. Many students have found time by planning ahead and knowing what will be taught during the four or five days they will be involved in the on-site portion of the program. . Additionally, students who do the pre and post work successfully, set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day to focus on their project commitments.

Question 3: Do students get credits for doing the CONNECTIONS program?

Answer: Students can earn up to 5 high school credits by participating in CONNECTIONS.

Question 4: How do I log into the Habitat in the Balance site?

Answer: Access the website via the Habitat in the Balance page.

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