Worm Composters

We have a worm composter in our classroom. Students put their organic waste and cut up scholastic flyers to help take care of them.

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Chinook Park School
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Worm Farm

Grade 3D- Ms. Rachel-  Students read about making a compost using the Nelson literacy readers in partners.  They participated in creating a procedural writing piece called "how to make a worm farm."  Then students collected the materials needed outside and made a real compost.

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Ho Chi Minh city
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We have been composting all compostable materials from ALL Classrooms and from the Staffroom for several years.  This material is put into a compost pile that is then used to fertilize our school vegetable garden!

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Hall's Prairie
Surrey, BC
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Worm composting

Worm CompostingTwo classes in our school have started to use the compost collected at lunch to add to a worm composter. The classes are learning about decomposition and how the compost breaks down with the aid of worms!

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Bouchie Lake
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Funders and Sponsors

  • RBC Foundation
  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Kamp Kiwanis
  • Cenovus Energy
  • Alliance Pipeline
  • TD Friends of the Enivornment Foundation
  • Rife Resources Ltd