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Grade 2 French immersion students have a hamster and a fish to take care in their classroom. Those little friends were a good help in Mrs. Fournier’s Science class when students learned about natural and human built habitat. After researching information on an animal, teams were asked to create the natural and human built habitat that animal. Really good work grade 2B!!

École Gravelbourg School - Gravelbourg


Grade 4/5 French immersion students have been practicing their patience in Mrs. Fister’s Art class. They have been creating arts from punch holes leftover from the school printers. Great inventive way to recycle something so small!

École Gravelbourg school - Gravelbourg


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Students in École Gravelbourg School are now recycling. It’s a project they cherish, since it’s helping our planet to be cleaner and safer for all living beings. A group of students decided to push it a little farther and also created the We Act Green club.

École Gravelbourg School - Gravelbourg


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Funders and Sponsors

  • RBC Foundation
  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Kamp Kiwanis
  • Cenovus Energy
  • Alliance Pipeline
  • TD Friends of the Enivornment Foundation
  • Rife Resources Ltd
  • Pirie Foundation