All GREEN Schools projects

Staff decided to paint many of the bulletin boards this year instead of covering with paper. The boards are fantastic, staff used cans of paint that they had at home that just had some paint left. This was great because instead of having to dispose of the extra paint that wasn't quite enough for a large project, it could be used for our boards. Recycling and saving paper at the same time...

Duncan Cran Elementary School - Fort St John


Room 16 + 18 Kindergarten class had a class lesson learning about the importance of plants. Students learned about parts of the plant and how plants grow. Students got to see and taste different types of fruits and vegetables. They learned what plants need to grow.

Duncan Cran Elementary School - Fort St John


We developed a school wide Garden. Our school community came to help build the garden boxes and fill the boxes with dirt. Each classroom has a garden box as well as there are 10 boxes available for the community to grow food.

Duncan Cran Elementary School - Fort St John