All GREEN Schools projects

One student chose to focus on the bat during a structured mammal inquiry. He taught the class that bats "see with their ears," and we consolidated learning about echolocation and a little bit about predator/prey relationships by playing the game Bat & Moth outside.

Hillside Collegiate - Geoje, South Korea


Our Grade 5 class did a school clean up where we picked up trash from around our school to promote sustainability!

Hillside Collegiate - Geoje, South Korea (Private Sector school in the Process of Alberta Accredidation)


The We Act Green Club helped three in needs/at risk animal species with the help of the WWF. After doing a bake sale during the Student Led Conference, students had enough money to adopt two Canadian animals, a caribou and a snowy owl, and a family of Giant Pandas as well. Protecting our wild life for future generations is very important for the students at École Gravelbourg School.

École Gravelbourg School - Gravelbourg


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