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Leaf Bowl

The SIS Outdoor/Nature Club finished off our first term with making two fall leaves projects. This project was to make a bowl out of fallen leaves.
We started by going on a nature hike to collect the fallen leaves before they got too soggy in the coming rains. The leaves were then dried and pressed between newspaper and squished by books for one week.
Once the leaves were dried, we...

SIS Canada - Sokcho


Mason Jar leaf candle holders

SIS's outdoor/nature club has wrapped up our club for this term with two art projects. In this artwork we made candle holders out of old mason jars, fallen leaves, and white glue.
Before the rain set in, we went outside for a hike and collected the fallen leaves. We then pressed the leaves between newspaper and squished them with heavy books for about one week. Our next step was to...

SIS Canada - Sokcho


Owl Habitat and pinecone craft

Our Grade 4/5/6 class has been studying animal habitats and and are working on identifying what is important for animals to survive and live as well as how humans affect animals homes. We have started to focus on habitats close to home in Sokcho and how we, as a class can help the animals near us. This project focused on the owls living in our area of South Korea and how we can help to help...

SIS Canada - Sokcho