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The grade 4/5 class has created a school garden in the back of the school. The red soil found in this area of Korea is very good for gardening and growing vegetables. Our class has planted pumpkins, corn, carrots, and some sunflowers! We started by making rows of raised soil and added in fertilizer. Then row by row we planted all of the seeds. Every day we go outside and record any growth in...

SIS Canada - Sokcho


In September our grade 4/5 class adopted a Map Turtle hatchling, who was only a couple weeks old. A'nowara, our baby turtles name, was the size of a dollar when we first got him, but he has now grown to be the size of a human hand! We have had to expand A'nowara's food range, and have been growing our own water plants for his food. We started with about 10 of each small plant in...

SIS Canada - Sokcho


Strawberries! Over the winter months in Sokcho, strawberries are a common, delicious fruit that we can enjoy on the cold winter months. The strawberries are grown in green houses and are very large and delicious. The grade 4/5 class started growing four strawberry plants in our classroom window, using plastic wrap and a heat lamp! We are happy to say we have had a small but successful batch of...

SIS Canada - Sokcho