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To complete our exploration on Wind, the Grade 4/5 class went for a whole day field trip to explore a wind farm on a mountain side near Yongdae-Ri, South Korea. It was a very windy day, so we got to see the wind turbines in action and were able to explore the mountainside that they are perched on and where the whole process from the wind turbines collect the wind and turn the generator to the...

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Grades 4/5 are continuing to learn about the different aspects to weather through studying rain! We have so far learnt about how clouds are formed, how much water clouds can hold, the different types of clouds and now we are learning about how to collect and measure rainfall.

The students made their own rain gauge by cutting a 1-liter bottle and inverting the top into the bottom. The...

SIS Canada - Sokcho


Grades 2-5 celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up the walk to our favourite playground! We took garbage bags and gloves and collected 5 full bags of garbage in an attempt to clean up our local neighbourhood.

SIS Canada - Sokcho