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St. Richard Tower Garden just planted.

Urban Agriculture Club members are growing vegetables in our school using a Tower Garden aeroponics system. Our goal is to offer our classmates, teachers and parents the opportunity to watch vegetables growing indoors in the winter. We're producing healthy snacks for kids to pick fresh right in the hallway. Twelve Urban Agriculture Club members helped to nurture seeds using a heat mat...

St. Richard Elementary - Edmonton


Archbishop O'Leary High School

Archbishop O'Leary High School's students learned about biodiversity and its characteristics with the guidance of their Assistant Principal, Mr. Duncan Buchanan. But this was no ordinary class, the students also brought that biodiversity to the classrooms! They created their own tropical rainforest ecosystem: some soil, gravel, moss, tiny tropical plants, small bamboo sticks, and a...

Archbishop O'Leary High School - Edmonton


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Archbishop O'Leary High School

The Greeen Team at Archbishop O'Leary High School organized the Clean the Air, Green our Classrooms Project. Two students from the Green Team brought one air purifier plant in each classroom in the school. These plants are even more effective than any humidifier machine in keeping the indoor air clean and free of toxics. They give great benefits to all of those with respiratory problems,...

Archbishop O'Leary High School - Edmonton